The Most Disingenuous Assertion of the Day

News Item: “The Washington Post revealed that “at least 163 Republicans who have embraced Trump’s false claims are running for statewide positions that would give them authority over the administration of elections.”

The headline yesterday of a column by right-wing pundit Hugh Hewitt in this same newspaper read: “Go ahead Democrats: Revise the filibuster and reap the whirlwind again.” This takes the prize as the most disingenuous assertion of the day, and probably of the year so far, because embedded in it is the risible assumption that the morally disintegrated Republican Party won’t unleash the whirlwind anyway if they take control of the senate. In fact, in supporting Trump’s Big Lie that the presidential election was stolen and in aggressively working to bring the sociopathic former president’s authoritarian aspirations to fruition, Republicans are already nothing but all whirlwind all the time.

It’s a good bet that this columnist’s aim was to give maverick Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema an excuse to oppose carving out an exception to the filibuster rule even though doing so is a necessary condition of saving American democracy from extinction.