The Most Shocking Thing

I would be able to imagine how people whose whole world of what they assume is information is limited to Fox News and other Trumpian propagandistic elements of the media get their brains so altered that they think Trump is a good president and has been unfairly treated by leftists, liberals, and socialists if these people were not in the process exposed to Trump’s utterances and tweets. No criticism of Trump by others should be needed. In almost every utterance, every tweet, and every gesture he reveals what an appallingly unprincipled, crude, self-aggrandizing, incompetent, reckless, dishonest man he is. The most shocking thing is that his gross unfitness for office – his sheer repulsiveness – is constantly on display in plain sight. Apparently a very large percentage of people in our country “have eyes, but they do not see,” and ears “but they do not hear.”