The Movement to Undercut Our Policy of Supporting Ukraine

Headline: “Liberals urge Biden to rethink Ukraine strategy.” Not only morally compromised Republicans, like House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, but, now we learn, many progressive Democrats are inclined to abandon the heroic people of Ukraine and indulge in an old-fashioned big power carving up of a country that has been invaded, pummeled, and fiendishly brutalized by a psychopathic dictator. This is just what Putin is counting on, and what he may get if the Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives. Appeasing bullies stimulates their bullying instincts. As long as Ukrainians are united in the courageous and morally just defense of their country, we have a duty to continue supporting them. In concert with the Ukrainian government, negotiate with Putin; create an off-ramp for him. But not after saying, in effect, we’re tired of high gas prices and tired of backing Ukraine.