The Need for a Breath of Fresh Air

I read that Trump verbally attacked the daughter of the judge in the New York criminal proceeding in the election interference case involving paying off a porn star to keep her quiet. So, if the judge issues a gag order banning Trump from attacking his daughter, Trump will presumably appeal, claiming that the judge is biased against him.

Given Trump’s behavior, how could a judge not find him to be a repellent character? If you think someone is repellent, that does sound as if you have some kind of bias against him. How could you not? But we don’t want biased judges presiding over cases, do we? Trump makes any judge biased against him. Therefore, no one is in a position to judge him, right? All judges in cases involving Trump should recuse themselves. I think it would be a breath of fresh air for this country if after the playing out of due process, Trump spends a significant amount of time in the slammer.