The News Keeps Coming Like a Stream from a Loose Firehose.

The presidential election this year will determine whether American democracy will withstand the assault of a malevolent narcissistic aspiring autocrat and his tens of millions of supporters, all of whom are either (a) cynical, amoral, and wantonly opportunistic, (b) deeply and tragically deluded, or (c) both. The stakes are so high that I find myself thinking about every bit of streaming news: Does this help Trump? Does this help Biden? The news keeps coming. It’s agitating to the brain. The same is true of news that doesn’t come. Why haven’t we gotten the ruling of the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit three-judge panel on the immunity issue? Why should it take more than a few minutes to rule that the president of the United States isn’t immune from prosecution for criminal acts committed while in office? Don’t people know what the American Revolution was about?