The Race for the Democratic Nomination

Yesterday’s Washington Post 2019 Power Pundit Poll shows Senator Kamala Harris maintaining her first place lead. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, in second and third place respectively, have been scoring higher in various polls, but I guess the pundits ascribe a lot of that to their very high name recognition. Perhaps the pundits feel as I do that Harris will emerge as a stronger and more appealing candidate once they are all lined up on the debate stage before what is likely to be a very large TV audience. 

Or someone else. The times they are a changin’ you know that for sure when you note that a 37-year-old gay mayor of a small mid-western city, Pete Buttigieg, is in 4th place, and a black woman from Georgia, who hasn’t held an office higher than minority leader of a state assembly, Stacey Abrams, is in 9th place, up from 12th a week ago. 

Yes, the times are a changin’. Let’s hope for the better. We sure need it.