The Republican Crime Wave

The records turned over to the House Select Committee to Investigate the Insurrection after the Supreme Court blocked Trump’s attempt to keep them in their file cabinets have further revealed the enormity and scope of the effort by Republican politicians and their allies to overturn the 2020 presidential election. The Committee has subpoenaed fourteen people involved in the scheme to submit a fake slate of electors from seven swing states in which, in each such state, real electors had certified that Biden had won the popular vote. There is a good chance that the Committee will bring more than enough evidence to light to warrant committing scores of seditious plotters to the hall of shame, if not a lengthy stay in prison. There’s no shortage of damning facts that will be brought out into the open. Enough voters should be enlightened by these revelations to swing enough elections this November to place firm control of Congress in control of Democrats. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely to happen for reasons too complex to explore here today. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow.