The Republicans’s Plan To Steal the 2024 Presidential Election

Of course, they may not need to steal it. Their candidate might prevail by getting the most electoral votes in a reasonably fair election. But fueled by extreme right-wing super rich mega donors, and under color of processes that are nominally legal, Republicans plan to have their candidate installed as president even if they lose the electoral college vote, which is how our presidential elections are supposed to be decided, rather than by the popular vote, even though elections are thereby tilted in favor of Republicans.

In Chris Hayes’s MSNBC news and commentary show last evening, Hayes and his guest, a specialist in election law, laid out how this could happen. That such a thing is possible has largely to do with the byzantine interplay of federal and state constitutions and laws in America’s patchwork federal system and is too complex to describe here, but the threat is real. It’s far from certain that American democracy will survive through 2025.