The Sociopathic Mentality

One might think that if you were a shady, smug, bullying, blustering big-time real estate developer with no aspirations other than to live a glitzy self-indulgent life and make money and be admired, but then somehow through a weirdly unlikely concatenation of events you became president of the United States, you might be awed by this opportunity and want to emulate past outstanding presidents and faithfully execute your duties and uphold the laws and work tirelessly to advance the interests of our country and all its people and give up your shady ways so you would be admired throughout the world and be remembered in history as someone who, thrust into a position of great power, met the challenge and rose to the task and worked to make the world a better place. One might think so, but if the individual we’re talking about is a sociopath, his mind doesn’t work that way. That’s because he has a brain aberration –– he is deprived of any conscience, any sense of duty to others, any sense of shame. He is incapable of changing his behavior.

Sociopaths attract other sociopaths, people, who though their personal styles may differ, share a pathological acquisitiveness unburdened by any sense of responsibility to others and are blind to anything other than raw opportunity for themselves.  Enter Attorney General William Barr into the Trump orbit.