The State of the Nation and the Communications Gap

It’s glaringly obvious that Trump is a dangerous sociopath. That there’s a frightening chance that he might win the presidential election next year seems inexplicable. Robert Reich offers clues to this phenomenon in a recent Facebook posting. The economy is doing fine, but the rise of wealth inequality has increasingly disadvantaged most families relative to their economic status decades ago. Housing prices and mortgage interest rates have risen so much in relation to incomes that young families can’t afford to buy homes. The American dream is slipping away. Republicans — Trumpians — claim that this is Biden’s fault, and that Trump would fix it. It doesn’t matter that the problem issues from Republican-driven plutocratic-friendly tax, subsidy, and regulatory policy and that Trump wouldn’t fix it. Millions will vote for Republicans because Republicans are better at propagandizing than Biden is at getting across what’s happened in this country and what tragic consequences would ensue if Trump returns to the White House.