The Task Ahead for Biden and Defenders of Democracy

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has slipped, but if all voters understood what’s been going on in this country –– that the vast majority of Republicans (i) promote or play along with Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen, (ii) pretend that he was not the principal instigator of the January 6th insurrection, (iii) ignore that he illegally tried and isn’t continuing to illegally try to reinstate himself as president, (iv) have no policy other than to obstruct and derail the administration’s agenda, (v) have put forth no alternative substantive policy proposals, and (v) are engaged in a concerted effort to warp the electoral process in such a manner that Republicans will control the government even if a majority of voters don’t want them to –– Biden’s approval rating vis-a-vis the disgraced former president would be far higher. Biden and all defenders of democracy must get it across to the public that the upcoming elections will not be a contest between candidates who are traditional Democrats and candidates who are traditional Republicans, but between candidates who want to preserve American democracy and candidates who want to convert our form of government to one-party authoritarian rule.