The Tilted Playing Field

Tens of millions of votes are being cast in the form of mail-in ballots. With a pandemic ravishing the country, it’s the most sensible way to vote. Tens of millions have voted, and their ballots have been received in election offices and will be counted. Tens of millions more have voted by mail, but their ballots are still in transit. Normally, there would be no question that they would reach election offices by election day, but the postmaster general, a Trump lackey, has revamped the postal service, and he and his allies have been working to slow deliveries, especially in heavily Democratic urban areas like Detroit and Philadelphia. Because of this insidious, profoundly immoral, behavior, millions of ballots, though mailed in what should have been plenty of time, will not reach election offices until after election day, too late to be counted under the laws of many states. This is just one of the ways in which Trump is trying to ensure that he will “win” the election, even though, if all votes were counted there is little question that he would lose.

The election is being held on a tilted playing field. Democrats can’t win unless they get sufficient votes counted in key states, despite Republican efforts to stifle them.