The Tragedy of the Moral Descent of the Republican Party

Sometimes things are so weird that they are hard to believe even when we know they’re true. That’s what caused Chicago Daily News reporter Charley Owens to say, after hearing that the much admired baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson admitted that he had cheated in the 1919 World Series, “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

     Shoeless Joe had more integrity than the close to 50 U.S. Republican senators and 212 Republican House members who aren’t admitting that they have betrayed our country by mouthing Russian propaganda about the election; being dismissive of the January 6th insurrection; trying to disenfranchise voters, particularly in areas with large Black populations; abetting “replacement theory” and white nationalism; keeping alive the big lies that the 2016 presidential election was stolen from Trump and that voter fraud is a serious problem; and . . . the list goes on –– Jennifer Rubin laid it out in her Washington Post column yesterday. It’s sickening that the vast majority of Republican politicians have chosen to descend to the moral plane of the disgraced former president, and that they will never say it’s so.