The Trumpian Smear Machine Gears Up

If Biden is the Democratic nominee, the Republican propaganda machine will launch a smear and disinformation campaign against him like nothing ever seen before. You will be told that when Biden was vice-president of the United States, he and his son Hunter colluded with Ukraine’s corrupt officials to arrange for Hunter to get rich in exchange for Biden using his influence on their behalf; also that Biden has been officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, but that the Dems have covered it up. Also, and so on, you’ll hear, drummed into your head until you realize that Biden is one of the most traitorous and irresponsible and mentally unfit people who has ever run for office. 

When you think of the relentless false attacks that will be launched against Biden, it almost makes you hope that Bernie Sanders will be the nominee instead of Biden. But wait, the Republican propaganda machine would launch an equally vicious array of false stories and claims about Sanders. If Sanders is the nominee, Biden’s alleged traitorous behavior will suddenly become inconsequential compared to Sanders’s secret plan to turn our country into a communist state run the way Stalin ran the Soviet Union. You’ll be told that Sanders and his wife made millions through a real estate schemes that bankrupted a college in Vermont. That’s not the half of it. What Sanders would do if elected president would make your blood curdle, you’ll be told.

No matter who the Democratic nominee is, the Trumpian Smear Machine will be ready to unleash its venom.