The Virtue of Refusing To Be Discouraged

People of good will have reason to be discouraged. Biden’s approval rating is at a new low. Chances are fading that Democratic Senators Manchin and Simena will allow the Build Back Better program to pass in anything but pathetically watered-down form, and chances that they will allow reform of the filibuster so that voting rights protection and electoral process reform can be enacted seem slimmer every day. Right wing-propelled propaganda and misinformation continue to poison the air. The New York Times reports that Republicans have gained a “heavy House edge in 2022 as Gerrymandered maps emerge.” The spurt in inflation is another blow to Biden’s agenda. The just concluded conference on climate change was a flop. The outlook is bleak on almost every front. Remember though, there is virtue in refusing to be discouraged. There’s always a chance that happy surprises lie ahead.