The Warren – Sanders Feud.

It appears that about a year ago, Sanders either told Warren or implied, or didn’t quite imply, but Warren (probably with some justification) inferred, that Sanders didn’t think a woman could be elected president. Under the pressure of their rivalry and because of their natural competitiveness (qualities that helped get them to where they are), Warren decided to confront Sanders with her recollection, surely thinking that exposing what he had said would work to her competitive advantage. Sanders, having his own contrary recollection and interpretation of what he had said, denied Warren’s allegation. Under pressure, they both hardened their positions, and after Tuesday night’s debate, they indulged in a further exchange that was videoed and became public, with the result that they each came off as having accused the other of lying. Warren is most at fault in this episode. She should not have raised the issue –– there was no way any good for either of them could have ensued from pursuing it in public. Warren ended up hurting herself as much as she hurt Sanders. The episode strengthened my (still tentative) preference for Amy Klobuchar.