The Worst Crime

Back in the 1950s, during the Red Scare and blacklisting of suspected Communists and Communist sympathizers, demagogues like Senator Joe McCarthy and other conspiracy theorists of the day accused a lot of people of being Communists, mostly controlled by the Soviet Union, and claimed that they sought to overthrow the government of the United States. This was considered to be just about the worst crime imaginable —our precious democracy under assault from traitors controlled by foreign actors. I haven’t heard any mention of conspiracies to overthrow the government of the United States since then, but a pernicious one appears to exist right now. Members of the conspiracy include Trump, Pence, the secretary of state, the attorney general, prominent members of Congress, and others, who are conducting a massive disinformation campaign, claiming that Biden’s election win was fraudulently secured, sabotaging transition procedures, bringing baseless law suits, and trying to convince anyone they can that Trump won the election and should remain in office. Participants in this malevolent charade deserve to be permanently shamed and shunned.