Thoughts on Russia’s War on Ukraine

Almost six months have passed since Putin invadedUkraine. It is a war that Putin must not be allowed to win, but also one that he must not be forced to lose, because if he becomes convinced that he will lose, there is a serious risk that he will become insanely desperate. When Hitler committed suicide, he doubtless would have liked to take tens of millions of innocent people along with him. He didn’t have that capability, but Putin might. He might have a capability greater than Hitler ever dreamed of.

We need to provide enough assistance to Ukraine so that, the sooner the better, Putin understands that he can’t conquer any more of that beleaguered country, then we should press hard for a settlement, which includes face-saving concessions to the nuclear-armed monster, but provides that Ukraine and every other European nation will enjoy the full protection of NATO whether they are NATO members or notl Then, we must not rest. We must strengthen NATO’s military capability enough so that Putin understands that he must abandon his imperialist dreams.