Trump and Republican Politicians

The Republican Party used to stand for integrity, fiscal responsibility, respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, opposition to executive overreaching, free trade subject to reasonable protection of U.S. vital interests, strengthening alliances with other liberal democracies, and opposing tyranny in all its forms. Nearly every Republican member of Congress has thrown these principles aside and chosen instead to support, protect, and empower a money-grubbing, mercurial, mendacious, self-dealing, narcissistic, crude, corrupt, proto-fascistic, law-defying, aspiring autocrat. They do so because they think it serves their narrow political and economic interests. 

    These interests alone would fall far short of a sufficient reason for them to play along with Trump if they were persons of good moral character. It’s a startling conclusion to reach, but an inescapable one, that almost all Republican members of Congress aren’t.