Trump Must Be Criminally Prosecuted

In our legal system, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and Trump deserves that presumption just as much as anyone else. But the evidence against him, including his own words and actions, in plotting to nullify the election and inciting the January 6 Insurrection is in plain sight. The evidence is so manifest, so overwhelming, that it would be a monumental affront to justice to let him escape prosecution.

The only reason for the Justice Department not to prosecute Trump is the risk that large numbers of his ideologically driven supporters –– many of them heavily armed –– would resort to violence in an effort to derail the workings of justice. It’s all but certain that Trump would encourage them to do so.

To refrain from prosecuting Trump out of fear would be to abandon the principle that no one is above the law and would invite further attempts to replace American democracy with authoritarian rule. Remember: Our country is the land of the free and the home of the brave. No one, least of all the attorney general of the United States, should be intimidated by a bunch of thugs.