Trump / Republicans / Bad Faith

I’d prefer not to write so often about Trump and the bad faith exhibited by Republicans, but American democracy is in peril, so the subject looms large in my mind.

News item in yesterday’s Washington Post: “One set of documents {among those removed by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago headquarters pursuant to a search warrant sanctioned by a Federal magistrate} “is listed as ‘Various classified TS/SCI documents’, a reference to top secret/sensitive compartmented information, a highly classified category of government secrets, in addition to…four sets of top-secret papers.” 

This would be terribly embarrassing for Trump and the scores of prominent Republican politicians and right-wing media figures who had decried the FBI’s action, if they were capable of embarrassment, but they are not. This is everyday business for them: another in a long succession of occasions calling for them to follow their standard operating procedure for defending their allegiance to Trump: lie, feign outrage, and threaten revenge.