Trump Should Be Held To Account, Continued

In a Washington Post opinion piece yesterday, Laurence Tribe and two other distinguished law professors, Joyce White Vance and Barbara McQuade, urged the Justice Department to initiate, if it hasn’t already done so, a criminal investigation of the “former president’s dangerous course of conduct.”

Some observers have expressed fear that Attorney General Merrick Garland has been holding back from investigating the former president because he is fixated on appearing to be nonpartisan. The authors of this piece make clear that the danger of giving a pass to presidents whose criminal behavior undermines and threatens our national stability and democratic form of government would encourage a repeat of such behavior. Let’s hope Garland won’t be deterred by anticipation of the howls, accusations, and vicious slurs certain to issue forth from the Trump cult, if Garland refuses to indulge Trump’s fantasy that he is above the law.