Trump, The Supreme Court, and the Principle that “No One Is Above The Law.”

Trump and his supporters and emulators, a class of miscreants that includes most members of the Republican Party, have for some time been the biggest threat to American democracy, and it remains to be seen whether Trump’s gross criminality will go unpunished —- whether he will turn out to have been above the law, contrary to a bedrock principle of our democracy. It is now evident that the right-wing justices who control the Supreme Court constitute an almost equally grave threat to our democracy. They literally have the power to lift themselves above the law, since they are the ultimate arbiters as to what the law is, and they have shamefully exercised that power. Our present form of government has been dependent on members of the Court acting in good faith to uphold the law, particularly the Constitution of the United States, regardless of their political or personal inclinations. Now, it is the country’s great misfortune that a majority of the justices on the Court prefer to follow their deep-rooted psychic inclinations rather than be faithful to their duty to serve the nation. Our country is at risk of falling under the control of people who have lifted themselves above the law and are determined to stay there.