Trump’s Campaign Strategy

Putin will do everything he can to help Trump get reelected. Trump welcomes Putin’s assistance and will do everything he can to facilitate it. Trump hopes that by spreading disinformation and through voter suppression he will win the election, but because he knows he may lose it anyway, he will do  everything he can to lay the groundwork for delegitimizing a win by Biden. Among other tactics, he has instructed the corrupt postmaster general he appointed to slow postal service enough so that, in case he loses, he can plausibly claim that the postal service is unreliable and that results of mail-in voting were fraudulent and should be nullified. Trump will assert this with great passion and with the seeming conviction of a master charlatan, and with the collaboration of his authoritarian-minded and corrupt attorney general, bring multiple lawsuits with the aim of causing further confusion and prolonging his tenure. Such tactics on the part of Trump and his enablers should be relentlessly called out, discredited, and scorned.