Trump’s Idea of How American Democracy Should Work

If you are the president of the United States, and the election is approaching, and you are aware you will not likely be re-elected, you must act decisively. First, state publicly that the election should be postponed. Think of the best reason you can. Don’t worry that it’s not a good reason. It’s planting the idea in people’s minds that  counts –– getting them to think of it as a possibility. But this is not enough! It’s important also to claim that, if you are not re-elected, it will be because mail-in voting led to fraudulent election results. Then instruct the loyalist authoritarian-minded attorney general you appointed to say that he thinks there is a high risk that the election results will be fraudulent. Then instruct the loyalist lackey postmaster general you appointed to slow post office service to give the impression that the mails are unreliable. Don’t worry that what you’re doing is outrageous. Chaos and confusion are your friends. Because you are the president, this is how American democracy should work.