Trump’s Last Days

Trump will be out of the White House for good in less than a 100 hours. I read that he will leave Washington early Wednesday morning from Edwards Air Force Base, presumably bound for his residence in Florida. Word is that he has summoned a military band for the occasion. Presumably it will play “Hail to the Chief” as he climbs the ramp to board the plane.

Between now and then, he can be expected to pardon his family members and more fellow criminals who have demonstrated sufficient fealty to him. He’s not likely to pardon himself, because odds are that he’s been advised that doing so would more likely hurt him than help him. There’s a chance he will resign before his term expires in hopes that Pence will pardon him, but would Pence find it in his own interest to do so? I think not. Is there any chance that Biden would pardon Trump. No, because it would be unpardonable for him to do so.