Trump’s Second Indictment, continued

Having read a summary and excerpts from Trump’s 49-page indictment, I wonder if his best defense might be insanity of a sort. He’s a narcissist, a serial lier, and a scoundrel who, it seems obvious, has committed dozens upon dozens of serious crimes — the second indictment alone contains 37 felony counts. His criiminal mind is also a deranged one, so withdrawn from reality that he comes close to arousing sympathy. His conduct makes me think of a rabid dog, vicious, but helpless in the grip of a deadly virus. If, as is virtually certain, the evidence presented in court supports the allegations in the indictment, Trump should be convicted and incarcerated for a long term of years. He should, of course, be barred from holding public office. He should confined in one of his residences other than his palace in Palm Beach, rather than sent to prison. Otherwise, he should be accorded the rights accorded to federal prisoners and denied any special privileges.