Truth and Needs

Republicans have convinced about half the population that democrats are socialists, and that if these socialists get in power, they will immediately raise taxes on everybody, build up the government bureaucracy, drive up the national debt, impose burdensome regulations on businesses and individuals, make trade deals that will result in all good jobs going to foreigners and illegal immigrants, and do away with our freedoms, especially religious freedom, and, while they’re at it, destroy the Second Amendment so we have no way of protecting ourselves against the rampant crime that will be unleashed.

 None of this is true. The Republican Party has become an anti-truth, anti-science, corruption-tolerant, plutocratic-favoring, environmentally indifferent, cynically opportunistic cadre that has benefited by aligning itself with a sociopathic, corrupt, divisive, and dangerous president. Democrats need to have a strong and aggressive agenda and they need to educate the public. The United States needs to become a truth-based nation. Then we can have rational debates about policy issues.