Types of Impairment

Washington Post columnists span the political spectrum, including one, Marc Thiessen, who is a MAGA cultist through and through. Thiessen’s column yesterday was headlined, “Has Fetterman been tested for cognitive impairment? Voters have a right to know.”

Fetterman, who is the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and is recovering from a stroke, is battling a Trump-endorsed opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, for an open United States Senate seat in that state. In a debate between the two men, Fetterman demonstrated that he has a neurological impairment that is common with recovering stroke victims, but he also demonstrated that he understands the issues, that he has sound judgment, and that he is a good man. Who better than the voting public is qualified to test whether Fetterman’s impairment is disqualifying? A neurologist of Marc Thiessen’s choosing perhaps? What is crystal clear, and needs no testing by anyone, is that Mehmet Oz has a moral impairment that is starkly disqualifying, a consideration that eludes Marc Thiessen, as it does everyone in the Trump cult camp.