Having failed to conquer and occupy Ukraine, Putin is following a strategy of trying to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure and economy and so demoralizing all the people he hasn’t been able to maim and kill so they’ll want to give up, and even if they won’t, at least they will be in a maximum state of misery and struggling simply to survive. Ukraine not only needs more military help from the West, it needs more economic help if it is to survive. NATO countries, led by the U.S., should step up their aid on all fronts, They can afford it. Their collective GDP is vastly greater than Russia’s.

This is a moral obligation we have, and it’s also in our own strategic interest. I read that Ukraine will need two billion dollars a month more next year to survive economically. That would add up to twenty-four billion dollars for 2023, a lot less than Elon Musk just paid for Twitter, less than Elon Musk would have already paid to the United States under a just and equitable system of taxation.