Ukraine Aid, Israel Aid / Republicans / Progressives / Trump / Putin

Of all the maddening things going on, near the top of the list for me is the blocking of continuing aid to Ukraine, which is needed urgently and desperately and immediately. Not only Ukraine’s fate, but that of the Western alliance of democracies, indeed humanity’s, may be at stake. It’s beyond disgusting that Republicans are blocking aid to please Trump, who is motivated by his desire to please Putin, who is doing everything he can to get Trump elected, so Trump can do more to please him — it’s disgusting in the extreme. Almost the same can be said for House progressives who won’t approve aid to Ukraine unless aid is withheld from Israel. By holding Ukraine hostage to heir demands, they lower themselves to the moral plane of Republicans whose policy is to generate chaos and of that of Hamas leaders who are holding Israeli citizens hostage. I agree that Biden has been, and still is, much too accommodating to Netanyahu, who has shown himself be a thoroughly Trumpian character, but please, everybody, try to see the big picture.