Ukraine Peace Talks — Security Guarantees?

President Macron, of France, recently said that one thing that would be negotiable would be for the West (presumably NATO) to give security guarantees to Russia. 
President Zelensky, of Ukraine, criticized Macron for being willing to consider such a thing. I can see where Zelensky may be coming from in this reaction. But it’s possible that he’s protesting just for show. One of Putin’s many grossly outrageous lies has been that invading Ukraine was justified because Ukraine posed a security threat to Russia. Presumably, many Russians accepted this preposterous allegation as the truth. (It’s probably a good guess that as large a percentage of Russians have been duped by Putin as that of Americans who have been duped by Trump.) It would cost the Ukraine and NATO countries nothing to give Russia security guarantees in the course of negotiating a settlement pursuant to which Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be assured. It’s not bad policy to offer Putin meaningless concessions that he can brag about, claiming that they show that his war was worth it.