It’s nice but quaint to think that the succession of eras of the human species had ended when from time to time a country tried to conquer another and subjugate it or incorporate all or part of it as a province. Putin, who rules Russia, is threatening to invade Ukraine and incorporate it into Russia as was the case in the time of the Soviet Union, and it looks like he’s going to do it. Ukraine is about as capable of defending itself against Putin as Poland was of defending itself against Hitler in 1939. A war between the two would probably last a day or two, whereupon Ukraine would surrender for humanitarian reasons. Putin knows that the United States and other NATO countries will let this happen rather then engage in a war with Russia. Biden has warned Putin that there would be serious consequences for such blatant aggression. Meanwhile western European countries want Russian natural gas to stay warm in winter. They are reluctant to jeopardize getting it. I hope, but am doubtful, that Biden can assemble enough formidable economic consequences and have them ready to wield to deter an invasion.