Violence, Incitement to Violence, American Democracy, and George W. Bush

Until Donald Trump totally eclipsed him in 2016, I considered George W. Bush to be the worst president in American history. Unlike Trump, Bush had some redeeming features. A standout among them, was his condemning the demonization of Muslims after 9/11. Now, as a widely known and generally well-liked two-term past president with impeccable Republican Party credentials, he has a clear call to duty to make a major speech or statement condemning Trump, election-denial, voter suppression, violence and incitement-to-violence, and Republican candidates who have shown themselves to be morally unqualified to hold office. He could do a lot to tamp down hate speech and hate action; he could greatly improve the chances that American democracy will survive and be strengthened. Hope that he would rise to this occasion has all but vanished. He doesn’t have what it takes.