Wealth and Taxes

A recent article by the historian Jill Lepore told of a birthday party Bill Gates recently gave on a rented yacht anchored in a cove off the coast of Turkey to which he ferried guests by private helicopter, among them Jeff Bezos, who happened to be nearby on his yacht, which, as Lepore noted, is not the same as the yacht he has ordered and is still under construction, as to which I’ve read that even though it will cost half a billion dollars, is not designed to carry a helicopter, but that will not inconvenience Bezos, because he plans to have an assistant yacht that carries a helicopter and can trail along behind his main yacht, ready to be of service when needed. Not only super-billionaires, like Gates and Bezos, but also ordinary multibillionaires and just barely billionaires, and even super multimillionaires, and, come to think of it, even common multimillionaires should be taxed a lot more than they have been.