Former Republican Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld has launched a primary campaign against Trump. In so doing he is performing a noble public service. Other Republicans dissatisfied with Trump, like former Governor of Ohio John Kasich, have backed off, complaining that they can’t win a primary contest against Trump because a clear majority of Republicans support him.

That’s not a good enough reason to sit on the sidelines. The foremost responsibility of any politician is to help the nation rid itself of Trump. Trump will not likely be willing to debate Weld, but Weld can convince some who would otherwise vote for Trump in the general election not to do so. Weld should be relentless in exposing Trump’s depravity. Honorable Republicans should support Weld vocally and financially. Every Republican that Weld can persuade not to vote for Trump is a victory for Weld, regardless of whether he wins the nomination, and even more so a victory for our country.