What a Way to Wake Up

I wake up and selectively read the news. Today I started off reading about China’s relentless determination to control Taiwan. When the time is right, they’ll take dramatic action to that end, and the U.S. will be powerless to do anything more than get a lot of people killed. Then I read about how Trump’s Big Lie has devoured the GOP. Except for a few brave and honorable souls like Rep. Liz Cheney, a longtime stalwart conservative and pillar of the party who is about to get thrown out of it for telling the truth, Republican leaders and the great majority of their followers have cast their lot with the sociopathic former president, causing me to wonder: If you decide to convert one of America’s two great political parties into an authoritarian force, can’t you find a less repulsive figure to unite behind? I’m sure that, if they could, they would, but I can understand their thinking, “Hey, you take what you can get.” Now on to the next news item.