What Democratic Ticket Would Be Most Likely to Win the Election?

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin reports that Biden performed admirably on the popular TV newsmagazine 60 Minutes this past weekend. He was very good at bashing Trump, a big plus, in my opinion. He is, by virtue of experience, the most highly qualified Democratic candidate. Presumably he’s learned from his mistakes. Having made a lot of them, he must have learned a lot. 

     Biden and Klobuchar might be the ticket most likely to beat Trump / Pence. I’ll be voting for one of the candidates on Super Tuesday, March 3, just a little over four months away. I’m still undecided. If I had to vote today, I’d vote for Amy Klobuchar. There are a lot of reasons to like her, and the only negative thing I’ve heard about her is that she was ungentle in her treatment of staff members. The only specific instance I’ve seen reported is that she once said to some of them, “I’d trade the three of you in for a bottle of water.” This shows she has a sense of humor, a big plus in my opinion. 

    I might prefer someone else by next March. My guiding star is, and always will be, Who is most likely to beat Trump.