What Do Honorable Republicans Think? (Continued)

My Republican friend replied at length to the questions I referred to in my blog yesterday. He acknowledged that “the Republican Party has  been  taken over by conservatives and as a consequence strayed from  the principles” I listed. (I should have used the word “betrayed” rather than “strayed” –– it’s far more accurate.)  And it would have been more accurate for him to say that the Republican Party has been taken over from conservatives by unprincipled opportunists, religious nationalists, and protofacists. He did remark, “No comments necessary on his tweets or crude press remarks!” So he isn’t happy about that aspect of Trump. This doesn’t count for much, however, because all Trump loyalists except the most slavish of his sycophantic following find this aspect of Trump to be unfortunate, but dismiss it as being in the category of “We all have our little flaws.”

My friend offered his opinion on what it would take for the Democrats to defeat Trump, but he didn’t say whom he would vote for, and he credited Trump, saying that he “has and is addressing issues which for years were kicked down the street.”

 What issues? How did he address them and how is he currently addressing them? And who kicked them down the street?” These are my next questions for my old Republican friend.