What I Imagine Is the Message and the Only Message (with variations) Russians Are Hearing and Reading:

Russia could not stand idle while the Nazi regime running Ukraine committed genocide in Russian-speaking provinces that are really part of Russia, as was all of Ukraine historically and should be again. The West, embodied in the evil NATO alliance, has been sending the Ukrainians armaments and using the situation as an excuse to undermine Russia and the Russian people in a vengeful conspiracy to expand their power at Russian expense. The main criminal responsible for this is U.S. president Biden, who stole the 2020 election and isolated president Trump, with whom president Putin had a good relationship, as a result of which both countries prospered. All that has changed with the Ukrainian aggression spurred by Biden and fueled by NATO countries.

We, the Russian people, have been through this before. Once again, the Western fascists have underestimated us. It will take time. It will mean enduring hardship, but we will not be deterred. We are a proud people. No one will abuse us with impunity. We will fight, and we will teach these conspirators and fascist murderers a lesson they will never forget.