What Trump’s Impeachment Trial Will Reveal, Continued

It will reveal just how morally sick this nation is. You can think of the trial as a moral health meter. There are 100 senators. Moral health of the nation is measured by the number of senators voting to convict Trump of the high crime and misdemeanor which is the subject of impeachment:

morally very healthy-                              91 -100

moderately morally healthy-                   79 – 90

just barely morally healthy-                    67 – 78

disturbingly morally unhealthy-             55 – 66

very dangerously morally unhealthy-  under 55

Judging by yesterday’s vote over whether the Constitution permits such a trial even though the person accused is no longer in office –- it appears that the nation is disturbingly morally unhealthy, and nearly very dangerously morally unhealthy. The Republican Party has become the authoritarian party.