What’s Wrong with Middle Aged White Men?

Most polls show Biden leading Trump by comfortable margins among nearly all segments of voters. A segment that favors Trump is that of white men between 50 and 64. 

Men that age should be pretty mature. They’ve had ample life experience to have developed good judgment. What’s wrong with them?

 In my view, the main driving force causing people to support Trump is resentment. It would appear that most of these middle-age men have lived long enough to have given up on their dreams; that most of them feel that life/society has let them down. A lot of them seem to be resentful.

Trump is resentful. He is resentful of critics; resentful of constrictions imposed on him by virtue of our constitutional system. He constantly expresses resentfulness and contempt for those who fail to admire him.

Trump’s mood of resentfulness infects the nation, most so, it seems, the population of middle aged men. Democrats must run inspiring campaigns to snap them out of it.