Will Attorney General Merrick Garland Do the Most Important Part of His Job?

A full and unflinching investigation of egregious instances of the politicalization of the Justice Department during the Trump years is one of the requisites to restoring the health of our democracy. Merrick Garland, the superbly qualified new Attorney General, seems to be shying away from any action, whether justified or nor, that would give Republicans and right-wing media talking points for accusing him of waging a campaign of retribution against Trump appointees. If Garland has elevated bipartisanship and collegiality above the interests of justice and the preservation of our democracy, it’s lamentable. As Jennifer Rubin wrote in one of her Washington Post columns yesterday, “Refusing to learn about the events of the past four years amounts to endorsement of their misdeeds. We cannot restore the {Department of Justice} to its former stature by giving miscreants a pass.”