Worrying Times

Eons ago there was a popular PBS television show called “Wall Street Week.” For a half hour every Friday evening, the host, Louis (Lou) Rukeyser, questioned a panel of experts on the outlook for the economy and for individual industries and companies. One of the panelists was a dour-looking but exceptionally smart fellow whose name I forget, but I’ll call Henry. One night, before asking Henry for his opinion, Lou said, “You’re looking worried this evening, Henry,” to which Henry replied, “I’m always worried, Lou.” I’ve thought of that remark — and state of mind — lately, thinking about all the troubles our country and the world face: the tension building between China and the U.S. and the threat of war over Taiwan, Putin’s maniacal war against Ukraine, the transformation of the Republican Party into a agglomeration of cynical politicians bereft of constructive policy goals and bent on sattaining authoritarian rule, the transformation of the Supreme Court into an ideologically driven institution, the apparently insurmountable challenges of climate change. The list goes on. If Lou were questioning Henry, tonight, it’s a good bet that Henry would say, “I’ve never been so worried, Lou.”