Yesterday Was Quite a Day

Trump finally got indicted. The case against him is solid factually, but whether he’s guilty of felonies or only misdemeanors may turn on questions of not-so-settled law. In any case, he was proved to be not above the law. He had to show up and listen to the charges against him. His magical persona lost some sheen. Of course he made an incendiary speech afterwards. It will be a good thing for the country if he is indicted for the most serious of his other crimes.

A great victory for democracy and decency occurred in Wisconsin. Janet Protasiewicz, the progressive candidate for the state’s Supreme Court, soundly defeated her right-wing opponent, spreading hope that Wisconsin’s forced birth laws and extreme gerrymandering on behalf of Republicans will be overturned.

Finland joined NATO! This was a major advance in strengthening the alliance of democratic countries holding the line against countries governed by bullying and bellicose dictators.