You Can Rely on Trump

A remarkable thing about Trump is that he isn’t pretending that he will be a responsible leader who will work tirelessly for the welfare of all Americans, appoint the most qualified and honorable people to federal offices, seek imaginative new ways to combat climate change, work to preserve and nourish our ecosystems so that our grandchildren and their grandchildren will inherit a peaceful, beautiful, sustainable planet, strengthen our ties with democracies abroad, and work to achieve peace, security, and justice throughout the world.

Another type of scoundrel might make a pitch like that, but, if nothing else, Trump is forthright, assuring us that he will do everything he can to turn our country into an autocracy, replace anyone not totally loyal to him with someone who is, seek revenge against his political opponents and critics, and demonstrate that his overriding goal in governing will be that of furthering his own self-interest. That’s what he promises, and that’s what he’ll deliver. You can rely on it. If that’s what you want, Trump’s your man.